The Data Center for the Connected Enterprise.

Centercore is the first and only data center solution that truly enables a strategically connected enterprise. From conception through commissioning, Centercore is engineered to provide a common-ground structure that simultaneously addresses the requirements, challenges, and time horizons of various groups within your organization.

Centercore is proud to have received the following industry recognition:

Fidelity Investments Centercore data center design won the Innovation in the Medium Data Center award. This award recognizes excellence in the design and operation of facilities between 250kW and 2.5MW.
13th Annual Global Innovator’s Award goes to Fidelity Real Estate for creating a next-generation data center, called “Centercore”
Industry excellence is described as a management practice and work process that leads to world-class, superior performance and delivers a desired, measurable and sustained result.

The Core of the Connected Enterprise

While departments such as Real Estate, IT, Operations, and Finance often operate with different prime interests and needs, Centercore allows working together – to finally work.

Where other data centers are single-purposed and rigid, Centercore offers a risk mitigating alternative that adapts to your organization’s multi-faceted and constantly evolving IT needs. Not through trailers or container solutions, but with rapidly-deployed, hardened, on-premise data centers that easily scale to fit your requirements over time.

Centercore looks and feels like a traditional data hall, but it’s also a catalyst for your organization’s digital infrastructure strategies – adding entirely new levels of flexibility, adaptability, and connectivity across your enterprise.

Unifying Your Organization

Corporations and enterprises naturally consist of different departments that often have disparate requirements and priorities when it comes to data center strategies. So while they all share a need to advance the organization’s digital infrastructure, these groups differ in their data needs, pain points, and timelines.

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Centercore was developed with all the rigor and discipline required for the complex, multi-faceted needs of organizations operating in highly regulated industries. Applying the principle of “making 1,000 decisions,” we gathered key industry resources to design a solution for the connected enterprise that:

  • constitutes next-generation design that allows for adding new capacity on a fast timeline, and avoiding carrying excess capacity and preserving capital
  • enables organizations to keep critical information tangible and close, removing all latency and control issues associated with outsourcing
  • provides unparalleled quality and rigor in all aspects of construction, design, infrastructure, materials, manufacturing, and assembly partners


The Centercore

Centercore gives you a data center the way you want it. One that feels open, functions freely, and can be maintained like a conventional data center. Entirely agnostic in terms of IT equipment, now and in the future, Centercore frees your organization from the liability of being encumbered with an outdated or underutilized asset, and provides a solution that will accommodate what’s next.

Advanced Design

Centercore consists of Core Units - building blocks that are fabricated offsite and assembled on premise. Integrating a robust steel support structure with a weather-resilient exterior shell, the result is a hardened and secure building.


The Core Units and the open, column-free floor plans provide complete flexibility and are built to accommodate a diversity of IT equipment, as well as accommodate a diverse range of power/cooling technologies and options.


Expandable compute unit is designed to meet F3 wind rating, offers seismic design flexibility, and is Tier 2/3/4 configurable. This solution enables organizations to securely keep their most critical information tangible and close, removing risks and vendor lock-in associated with outsourcing.


Maximize Space

A stacked multi-level structure that reduces the overall facility footprint. This stacked configuration provides IT equipment adjacency to core power and cooling infrastructure.

Accelerate Building Process

The off-site fabrication process enables on-demand planning and investment (less than six months to pre-construct, deliver, and reassemble on-site).

Control Costs

Greater control over the infrastructure investments provide the ability to add capacity incrementally on a fast timeline, avoiding excess capacity and preserving capital.

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Flexibility and adaptability in regards to all your data center requirements and digital strategies are the foundation for the thinking behind the Centercore solution. And, the basis for transforming your organization into a truly connected enterprise.

In order to determine exactly how Centercore could serve you best, we encourage you to contact us for a conversation that will put your enterprise and your priorities at the center. We would of course also be happy to invite you to an on-premise tour so you can experience the Centercore difference first hand.

Contact Centercore via email at or by phone at 1.855.244.8397.